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October 11th

9:00 AM

Huntington Auction House

114 N Main

Eureka, Ks. 67045


After 32 years of having auctions

at Huntington Auction House,

Our final Auction will be

Saturday October 11, 2014


      9:00 AM - House hold items

Cart of small appliances - Hall Tea pot - Frankoma, Christmas plates, & other- 12 sets of glasses, serving items, jiggers, 6 cream & sugar, Fire King, Punch bowl, Tom & Jerry punch set, snack sets, butter dish lids, Many sets of china & dishes


 Nesting Pyrex Bowls  Cooky-Pastry Kit       



10:00 AM - Dolls & Toys

Doll cradle, ironing board, baby doll furniture, Cabbage Patch dolls, Barbie & Ken, over 50 dolls & stuffed toys-Toys & games


Coin Bank & a Little Gum Vendor  Childs Toy  Pop Corn Junior  Popcorn Junior  Kids Record Player

Dolls  Dolls   

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     11:00 AM - Coins & Stamps, Sterling, Pocket Watch 


(1) Civil war Indian head cent - 6 Indian Head pennies - 1909 Lincoln penny - 2 sets of 6       

Civil War Indian Penny & other Indian Head Pennies 


(2) 1 of 8 Wheat pennies - 2 un-circulated wheat pennies - 2 sets of 6 steel war pennies - 8 un-circulated Lincoln pennies

 Steel Pennies - Wheat Pennies 


(3) 8 Foreign coins - 4 V Nickels -set of 6

 Foreign Coins


(4) 8 Buffalo Nickels - Set of 6 & 8 Jefferson Nickels - Set of 6 un-circulated Jefferson Nickels

 Buffalo Nickels


(5) 10 Westward Journey Nickels - 8 2009 Lincoln

New Nickels & Pennies


(6) Liberty Head or Morgan Type (1892P) (1883o) (1888o) (1889o) (1891o) (1896o) (1903) (1921) (1921s) Peace (1922) EisenhowerDollar(1972) (1977)

  1880's, 1890's Liberty Dollars & Ike Dollars 


(7) 8 US Treasury Comm. Medallions - 8 Uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes - Proof set of coins - 1971 US Mint set - 2005 Uncirculated Statehood Quarters



(8) 6 Uncirculated Washington Quarters - Kennedy Half Dollar 2006 Gem “Proof “ Condition - 1972 Eisenhower Dollar -1867 Shield Nickel - 1864 Two Cent Piece - Stamped 1976 $2 dollar Note - Old Silver Certificate 1935

Ike Silver Dollar - Statehood Qters



   Book of Stamps - Sterling - Costume jewelry

Clock Faces  Clocks  Clock Faces  Clock Faces

Elgin Pocket Watch  Sterling Salt & Pepper Shakers  Sterling Childs Cup    Jewelry Boxes  Jewlery   



     12:00 Noon - Truck & portable loading chute, Wagon Wheels, Old Scales, tools

2003 Ford Truck F250, 4W Diesel Crew cab - 2006 headache rack for Chevy - Portable loading chute - good metal cattle panels - Cement Mixer -Carpenter & mechanic tools


               F-250 Lariat Power Stroke V8 4 Door Diesel  F-250 Lariat Power Stroke V8 4 Door Diesel  F-250 Lariat Power Stroke V8 4 Door Diesel  F-250 Lariat Power Stroke V8 4 Door Diesel  Head Rack

          Wooden Wagon Wheel (1 of 2)  Wooden Wagon Wheel (2 of 2)  Feed Scales  Shop Vac  2 Wheeled Grinder  Retractable Extension Cord

Craftsman12 In Band Saw-Sander  Craftsman12 In Band Saw-Sander

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     1:30 PM - Guns           

Brooklyn Arms Company Pocket Revolver with separate chamber - Red Rider Daisy BB Gun - 12 gauge (53267) B Shotgun (Some Shells)

  Brooklyn Arms Pocket Revolver  Brooklyn Arms Pocket Revolver

Shot Gun & Daisy BB Gun          Model Number 53267

                                                   Red Ryder Dasiy BB Gun  Red Ryder Dasiy BB Gun                              

     2:00 PM - 56 Missouri Pacific Rail Road items    

Stool seat & back- Ash trays 3 different - 2 buckets - fire ext. bucket - flashlight yellow- Form, fuel Ticket- Ass. glasses - hand fan - hammer head - spike driver - playing cards (Blue & silver) (White & silver) 2 helmets - 3 Insulators - cloth napkin - 6 post cards - 2 tie tacks - Freight time table- Stop in to see


Missouri Pacific Hard Hat  Missouri Pacific Hard Hat  Missouri Pacific Flashlight  Missouri Pacific Phone Box  Missouri Pacific Tools  Missouri Pacific Monkey Wrenchs  Misc Missouri Pacific Items

Missouri Pacific Plate  Missouri Pacific Plate  Missouri Pacific Plate  Missouri Pacific Plate & Bowl  Missouri Pacific Napkin   Missouri Pacific Shot Glass & Ash Trays

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Missouri Pacific Toy Coal Car  Missouri Pacific Post Card  Missouri Pacific Post Cards  Missouri Pacific Post Cards  1957 Missouri Pacific Calender  Missouri Pacific Menu

Missouri Pacific Retirement Letter  Missouri Pacific Time Roll  Missouri Pacific Land Bill of Sale from 1920  Missouri Pacific Cards  Missouri Pacific Items  Missouri Pacific Fan

Missouri Pacific Items  Missouri Pacific Gin Score Card  Missouri Pacific Train Schedules for 2-1-1970  Missouri Pacific Letter Head  Missouri Pacific Patchs  Several Missouri Pacific Items

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     3:00 Furniture, China Cabinet with oval table & chairs 

Refrigerator - Small Ref. - 2 El. cook stoves 5 sewing machines, 4 divans, twin bed & frame, Table & China cabinet with chairs, Lamps, Pictures


               Mini Refrigerator  Mini Refrigerator  Sewing Machines  The Free Sewing Machine  The Free Sewing Machine           

China Hutch   Coffee Table  Drug Store Table & 2 Chairs    Love Seat  Chairs, Table & Hutch  China Hutch & Lamps

   40 Channel CB Radio  Bed Table  Couch 


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    Food from

Cindy's Copper Kettle


More items still to come






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